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Home and well.

Our three weeks off from work started with the ultrasound on july 11th - a very good start indeed! Ever since that day, we feel we have gotten much more close to our baby inside. Just to be able to refer to her as "her" helps alot. And just after that ultrasound, her kicks have become much stronger, many times during the day. It's such an amazing feeling to see my own tummy go "bump bump" from the inside. I can watch it for ages. When i watch TV, it usually ends with me watching my belly instead, forgetting about the TV :P

Anyway, the first half of those three weeks we spent on Gotland, with Erik's family. The weather could have been better, but it was okay and warm enough. We made some excursions and one day the sea water was 22 degrees so we jumped in those waves like crazy. (The other days we used the pool which had 28 degrees...). Another important thing is that we brought our car back from Gotland, so we now have a car here in Stockholm. I guess it will be much needed later in fall, when I'm probably heavy and tired.

And Hälsingland, what can I say? We always love it. I couldn't live without going up there a few times a year. The nature, the air, our house... At first we were disappointed because of rain and cold weather but the last days were hot and we could swim swim swim in those lovely lakes. I also did a little garden work which always makes me happy. <3

We're back in the flat now., feeling a bit isolated and restless when we've had a garden outside for so long. Just the feeling that you can go swimming any time... I miss it.

Work starts tomorrow but I have to go to the doctor because of back pain, so no work for me, I guess.

Today I stumbled to Kista galleria to buy new mama-leggings. I can't wear any of my ordinary clothes, so I stick to two dresses, my mama-shorts, leggings and two tops. I don't want to buy a lot of new things when I'm still growing, so I guess I'll wear all of that the next months as well. It's amazing how most normal things look horrible on you if you've got a big belly. The rest of my body is not bigger, so I can't really wear things for bigger people. In wider and bigger things I look bad, like a big sack. I like dresses with that empire-cut and my dear mama-tops. I'll stick to that.

I haven't met friends for ages but I want to! I'll use august and september for fun things, while I'm still movable. :)

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