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Autumn, back pain and lego

My brother Filip and I went to the summer house in Hälsingland to celebrate my parents birthday there, before they go back to town again for the winter. They turned 67 and 83, so it's 150 years all together! They have their birthday on the same day, september 8th. It's been years since we were both there alone with our parents. I made a beautiful and yummy cake and we played UNO and had a great time. <3

Erik spends his evenings building fractals with that lego i bought on a flea market some while ago. He has lots of lego at his parents' house which we'll probably bring here later. I have all of my lego sorted, with instructions, in our cupboard here. What happens if the child hates lego? Impossible :D

I'm only working two more weeks (!!!), that feels like such a relief! I'll have time to rest and read and prepare things for our new family member. I'm doing easy things at work at the cemetery now but I still have a back pain all evenings because I do too much. It's easy to say "I can lift this bucket" because it doesn't hurt when I'm at work, then in the evening i realize it was too much after all. Bleh. Only two more weeks!

I've been going to a girl working in Gamla Stan twice, getting a massage, lying on a special bench with a hole for my belly. It's been SO great, and has really cured some of the muscle tensions I've had for ages. I'm going again soon, my back needs it.

When I'm free from work it will be 8 weeks to go. I'm in week 30 now. Time flies by and I like it :D

Pyret is moving slower now when she's so big, but when she kicks it almost hurts. She's around 35 centimeters long, so it's not really strange. A little mini human inside, it's so amazing <3 I can feel her hard bottom under my belly button, she's been in that position for over a week now, with her head down. Hopefully very comfortable ^^

But why are there no pumpkins in the stores yet? We want to make our pumpkin soooooup!
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