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Change of plan (week 37 (36+2))

So we're back from a long day at the hospital, where we went because they wanted to turn the baby around completely, since she's in the wrong position with her head up and butt down.

They started with checking out her heart rate with a CTG machine for 45 minutes, to check that she's all right. They found her a bit too peaceful (sleeping), but that could be because I hadn't eaten anything, so they decided they'll make another one later.

After that they made an ultrasound to check her exact position. But then they discovered that the level of amniotic fluid was a bit low, so I was sent up one floor to make another, more complete, ultrasound where they checked the amniotic fluid AND the size of the baby.

Turned out the fluid was indeed a bit on the low side, aaaand our tiny girl herself was a bit small, too. 2,3 kilograms instead of the normal 2,8.

All this led to the following conclusions:
- Too little amniotic fluid to turn her around.
- Too little fluid to give birth with the bum first.
- Which means: caesarian section...

Plus: They will monitor the decrease/increase of the amniotic fluid and try to decide when it will be too little. I'll go back there on wednesday. Usually, a C-section is made 7-10 days before the original due date, but now it might even be before that, depends on the level of fluid in there.

Of course, the fluid could increase magically, so that they can turn her around, but probably not! But they'll check...

Then i was allowed to EAT and after that, the CTG-heartrate-check was much better and she was energetic in there.

Ok, so a C-section is NOT what we've been expecting. We've read and practiced and prepared alot for a normal birth... But it seems there's nothing to do about that now. We can just hope that the breathing and eating skills will be fine. Usually, they are not as prepared when they are lifted out "just like that", compared to a normal birth when they're squeezed out... But I trust the doctors in this case.

She might come out a few weeks before the original date. Which is very, very soon.
Our tiny little thing. At least she's healthy, kicking and pushing inside. <3 <3 <3

Puhhhh, so much emotion this day! I slept three hours last night so I'll sleep soooo good tonight.
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