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Bun bun bunny.

We got a final date for the C-section now, 12th of december. If nothing happens before, that is. It might be that the amniotic fluid decreases. Or that the baby seems tired inside. Or that I go into labour with contractions and stuff. In that case, they'll take her out before the 12th. So theoretically, it can still be any time now!

15 days. Such a looooong waaaaait. We were so certain that they'd do it one week before due-date (dec 11th), like they usually do with C-sections, and they would do that but all C-section-hours are booked so they can't sqeeze us in, in that week. However, it's probably better for our little darling to stay inside for as long as possible, and grow some more.

(We'll continue to go to the hospital every second day to check the level of amniotic fluid with ultra sound.)

To get my mind off all this, I baked lussebullar / lucia buns today.

Aaaand we took a short walk to see the three rabbits at Akalla By.

And also, I met up with a girl from the super great Stockholm trade-group on facebook and got a cute Pingu baby wagon toy, traded it for a packet of baby porridge :D


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