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Days running by

We are so happy we got such an uncomplicated baby! She sleeps for 2-3 hours, eats for 10 minutes, is awake for 40 mins - 1 hour, then sleeps again 2-3 hours, sometimes more. She only screams a little when she wakes up hungry or when she's a little tense because of poo that needs to come out. Well okay, this afternoon she wanted to eat 3 times in 2 hours, but still... When she wakes up at night, Erik goes to change her diaper, while I prepare for breast feeding (pillows, squeezing out some milk, etc).

She can be however sad and screaming, but as soon as she taste that drop of milk, she turns quiet and happy, eating. I know things can change rapidly and she might not be this easy to handle in a few weeks. But still, we are amazed over how well she takes on life and her new environment. <3 <3 <3

My nipples are not as sore anymore. Before, I was crying from pain when she fed, but now it just hurts the first 20 seconds, when she sucks really strong, then it feels okay. It's amazing to be able to have her food ready there, just like that, produced. :)

However, the days are totally devoted to her, so I don't really do much. When she sleeps, I watch TV or sit in front of the computer or clean up a bit. Well, lots of time is spent eating and drinking tea too :) Erik is the best dad ever <3

I wish I could do something more meaningful but it's hard to come up with something in these 2-3-hour-periods that the day is cut up into. I've been outside for 5 minutes two times since she was born. The three of us took a short walk with the wagon, but it's so cold outside and we don't want her to get too cold this early, so we kept it short. That means I've been sitting inside for a loooong time, probably the longest ever!

(Thank god for True blood season 3, sooo exciting! I watch one episode every day.)

We slowly have to get out more, to get used to it. Next week on Tuesday, Erik will start working again (some days from home) and I might have to go out at times...

Days running by sooo fast. Soon it's christmas. First christmas as a little family of three <3

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