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Spring has arrived. At least in my mind and in our kitchen. I love that the sun is finally back and I long until april and may when Selma will be older and we can sit on a blanket outside...

I buy a lot of things for Selma, all second hand (Tradera) and beautiful and cheap. When it comes to my own style of clothing it's boring nowadays, because I want to wear tops, sweaters and shirts that I can easily nurse in, which sadly means almost only H&M nursing wear that I bought cheap from different people. It's all in blue, grey and black tones, really boring! I'll have to do something about that!

At least I can wear my old stretch jeans and leggings and stuff again. I've lost so much weight and now I weigh 2kg less than I did before I got pregnant (54 instead of 56). The production of milk takes so much energy! I have to eat like a horse to not lose more weight :(

Selma is slowly starting to find her hands, which means she's sucking on them and drooling alot. I bought these cute drooling scarves from a sewing blog online, where i could choose from different fabrics. I could sew some myself but i haven't got the energy right now. Selma will look cute in these!

As a gift for myself, I've bought the limited edition Moomin mug celebrating that Helsinki is 2012's design capital. The print on it is from "Vem kan trösta knyttet", a book that i love.

On Thursday Selma will get her first two vaccination shots, poor thing! I'm nervous already. I hope we'll be able to comfort her fast. Whenever she's at home and gets tired of me (I'm the food machine...) she always gets happy sitting with Erik, plus, as soon as he speaks with her she starts laughing. I love that. Love them <3 <3 <3


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