May 20th, 2002


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i'm back from anna's place now. we watched the first film of -the never ending story-, and i realised it must have been a loooong time since i last saw it - i noticed how silly the lines were and how badly animated it was and a lot of other things.. but still, the message is great..never stop dreaming... i surely never will.

and after that we watched -a life less ordinary-, which i must have seen 5 times before, but it's still great. ewan mcgregor is really one of my favourite actors. this film was before he got all "big" in the star wars movies [ah well, he still does a great job in the new movies, thinking of how bad his lines are..] anyway, the end of the life-less-ordinary film is kitschy-romantical and totally fits my mood for the moment, i was sort of dreaming all the time while watching it. when you've seen a film before it gives more room for such things.

so now i'm back, sitting here. turned on the computer immediately and reconnected and he was waiting for me.. *happy and warm*

sometimes i wonder why i'm not a person that people hug, like in a friendly-hugging way. i guess it must have been at some early stage i missed the chance, increasing the distance or so. or maybe i'm just weird. that might be it, yes..some kind of strange karisma. how deep, ehum... but i think all people in this world need hugs. real hugs with friendly warmth. as often as possible.

and now i've had three days of studying-possibilites, and i've only written one silly my little pony article which meeeans i'll have to write the german speech tomorrow, which further means that i probably won't write about the interesting university-situation in vienna, which means i will take some other, not interesting shitty subject. as a conclusion: my monday will be boring.

but it isn't monday yet... [oh well, at least not in my world.]
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okay so it's 6:15 pm and i still haven't started with the german speech. i've decided to write about "synchronisierte filme" [dubbed movies] and so, but can't seem to get going...for some obscure reason... my parents will be home soon, which means i won't be alone. being alone is bad in some ways, or at least it was last weekend. but the last days i haven't cried. rather, i've been happy and sort of distant-dreaming, which is great. but being alone is also good, because you are...well...alone.

and also, my dear rabbit svartnos is soooo socializing and cute and lovely when i'm alone with her. i tend to spend more time with her when i'm alone and sad [if i am.] yesterday i made a path of carpets [she dislikes walking on the floor, because it's slippery for her furry paws] from the balcony door to my room, and she ran like a racer-car 50 times in and out, in under my bed, to my chair, jumping around, having this look like "come and play with me!" then she let me hug her for a while...ahhh i love her and i don't know how i'll be able to leave her here all alone in fall...sigh. i won't think about it for now because it makes me feel down. i'm just very happy she's been there for me for 7 years now.

okay....back to work... wie erkennst du eine schlechte synchronisation? hahaha.
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