May 27th, 2002


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...or enthralling.

i'm sitting here with my ball/prom outfit, we're supposed to be there around 19:00, and i just wore it all together to see what i looked like right now. that old old dress, a white/grey/red scarf, black highheel shoes, dark long black gloves....i'll fix my hair and make up and naomi and me will take lots of photos of each other. i can actually breathe a little bit better now in the thing, i must have lost weight, but that's not good at all. but i'll try to breathe a little this evening at least, otherwise the whole prom would be a bit too dramatic. oh ah oh!

and i went to school today, managed to save someone else's shitty article for the school paper OVER my existing funny article about computer language, so it's gone forever now. i hated myself, sat cursing myself for pressing "save" instead of "save as" and besides, that article i saved instead of mine was sooooooo badly written. so in short, i went to school, deleted my nice article and went home.

let's just hope this maaaaarvelous snobby evening turn out better, mmkay?

*walks away to fix make up*
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