May 30th, 2002


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today i bought a glittery old silver dress, a pink dress [i will dye it!] in japanes school girl style, a green t-shirt, a black and white striped top thingy, black and white tights-things and plastic stuff to put on my graduation dress. everything [except the last one] on second hand. yay.

and now i'm home after being to anna's school and watching some bands from her school play. it was great, they were all really good even though they only played covers, and i was very dreamy as anna and her friend was playing and i sat there all alone, i had wonderful pictures in my head. and also, all the afternoon and evening i've just been smiling and almost laughing because something really great has happened to a family member and i'm so happy for him! i just can't stop smiling because of that. it makes me happy.

but then later during the evening my throat got even worse and i know now that i will catch a cold and get sick for sure. i know my body too well. i'm almost never sick and i hate it, and i don't want to be on my graduation and i feel like i'm in a bubble and i feel so poor and i just want a hug and in short i'm very very miserable right now. cough cough buhuh... but since i know i will only complain and be horrible i will go to bed instead..but i want a hug from someone, and candy and magazines, like when i was little.

and i'm so hungry.

and i want to cuddle...

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