June 2nd, 2002


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my cold is worse today, or rather, it has moved into another level. it feels like 500 kgs of stuff are showed into my brain and nose. i will look horrible on the graduation photos [portrait photos taken in the morning especially] but there isn't so much i can do about it right now. and the past night was the worst i've had in a very long time. it took several hours to calm down afterwards, and my head ached so much that even the pillow was uncomfortable to lean against. and i was very cold. at least my nose got sort of rinsed by it. now it's morning but to me it's just another day of exhaust and miserability. i was very hungry but couldn't eat more than one sandwich because i can't feel any taste. then i watched the swe-eng soccer game, sitting in the living room sneezing, coughing and sweating.

i know what i want and need right now to feel better in every aspect but i can't get it, and it makes me mad, for real. i should just go to sleep again but i must clean up here and fix graduation stuff. i can't draw or read or anything, i just sit here.

no more school, at least something.
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