June 8th, 2002


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i was to a small market in sundbyberg today. actually, so small it was only five families selling stuff there. i bought sim city 2000, because i wanted to own the original cd. pure nostalgia. and i also bought a small little pocket-game "brick game 9999 in 1" with tetris and so. i love those small games. oh, and my skin smells of him because of the shower cream and i just walk around here dreaming, trying to clean my room, and i can't believe it's less than four weeks left until i can touch and hold him again. i can't think of anything else at all.

i feel like writing, drawing, dancing, singing and playing with soap bubbles.
preferably all at once.

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i have changed colours in my live journal [obviously] and uploaded 3 new icons, weee!
i've also made a banner with another requiem-clone above here.
the colours are much calmer now, i like it.
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