June 18th, 2002


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mm. second day of work has come to its end. and i tasted espresso-chocolate from the coffee machine today and it was great. yum. to make time go at work i clean everything super-good and take up every little inch of dust and so from the classrooms hehe. i'm such a great cleaner.. *looks around my room taking that back*

i sat up late before watching a strange drama movie from finland. it was called "eldslukerskan" or something, i don't know. and i must state that there's something special about finnish people. some strange beauty. the main character [one of the twins in the movie] was played by elena leeve and she was beautiful. and today at the train i saw a boy form finland who could have been her little brother. it's something with some people...the eyes is sort of standing out making them look vulnerable and beautiful. like the guy at the vnv nation concert last year, awwwn, finnish too! go finland! i've actually been there once but the only finnish person i remember [i was 7 years old or so] was a big fat man lying in the very very cold water in a lake sounding like a seal.

it's lonely here. so i start doing things i usually never do. watch tv, go out, clean the room, walk around naked and so on. i don't know if it's good or bad, the late evenings and the going-to-bed is always bad though. very bad. but the afternoons are quite okay.

sugar. i need sugar. chocolate and cookies. sigh.
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