June 20th, 2002


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things i think of while cleaning the floors of folkuniversitetet: cookies, food, relationships, people's psychological minds, scenarios of the future, personalities, dust, more food, hunger, that i earn money, sex.

things i think of when i get home: time, what day it is, money, paperwork, svartnos, cleaning, the cosiness of my bed, dust and dirty dishes, sex.

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. who is the innocent little girl here?

i have so much to do. and i'll do most of it on midsummer's eve when all the other people are cuddling with their lovers in the bushes on the swedish countryside. but it's the 20th tomorrow. oh my. it might be less than 20 days left now then. just want to hold... ahhh.

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    wumpscut - ich will dich