September 29th, 2002


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i'm just home from the das ich concert. i met georg close to where i live and we went there together. none of his friends were there since they were all at some other kind of goth party/club. i spoke german the whole evening which was good, but apart from that this night awoke many memories...

the das ich concert was in planet music - the same place in which the zeromancer concert took place when me and naomi went to vienna in february.. the same bus stop where we were waiting in the rain and i sat in clemens lap and naomi sat in my lap trying to stay warm. and clemens was wearing a cute white scarf. and there were the same ugly goth people that we laughed about, and the same bar where clemens drank the beer which someone had bought me [just to be kind, i didn't want to leave the beer untouched when someone bought it for me, clemens doesn't like beer either] and how tired i was when we went home. i went home with the same bus today. i live here. i'm still amazed.

so many memories from that saturday in february when everything began. it's been the two of us since i came home from vienna, or a week after or so. that's more than half a year ago. ach.

tomorrow i'll clean the whole flat, iron all the clothes and surprise him with something sweet [and maybe naughty....] when he finally comes home. so i have to get up early. why am i sitting here?

i took some photos of the das ich concert, some are blurry but i like them anyway.

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