October 4th, 2002


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the week of not-working has gone by pretty fast, and my parents are leaving this sunday! they won't be here until wednesday though, so we have lots of time to try to borrow something for them to sleep on.

seraphia - a totally fun and weird my-little-pony and 80's loving girl living here in vienna started talking to me a few days ago, she has a rottweiler named rammstein and a fish...that just died..snif.
anyway, we just talked the whole afternoon and she's great, and made me this lovely MLP-icon!

internet sure is great, as if i didn't realise that loooong ago. hihihi. and i think i'm obsessed with my little pony again, which might not be healthy, but fun! tomorrow i'll go to IKEA to buy four chairs, and to H&M and ask for work again. i will also buy clothes, and all this together with clemens.... *purr*

i have calculated a long time, and my conclusion is that if i find a cheap second hand monitor i WILL be able to afford a computer, which really is good news!

well, now i'll call my parents and tell them to bring me the remaining ponies.


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