November 6th, 2002


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i have been sitting here staring at my new computer for so long. everything worked, the internet, the network to clemens computer, the nice blue table i have painted where the computer will be standing - the problem was i hadn't a monitor. yesterday clemens phones me and asked me to meet him for a surprise, and tadaaaa there he was with a monitor he got for free from the university. old and only 60hz [ouch my eyes!] but who cares, i can sit here and have fun! even though im mostly running around for the moment.

theres nothing like running around naked, alone in the apartment, dancing to great music.

i'm efficient too: i threw some laundry in the machine while putting hair dye in my hair, then fixed a nice playlist while letting the hair dye work, sitting with towels to not let it drop on the floor. showered and shaved and put that nice super-balsam in my hair, put up the laundry to let it dry, dried my hair.

and now i'm sitting here with this lovely see clay face mask to refresh myself even more.
i look funny.

talking about looks, my webcam is up again and working! so if you happen to sit by the computer by night, you can throw a look if i have it on.

and naomiii suddenly sent an sms saying she'll be coming here on sunday!

the overall conclusion is: the flat is more cosy than ever before, i look sexy, i want to eat clemens for dinner and naomi will come here and i have a computer and i love clemens pear-cake he made 03:30 when i came home after dancing for hours on the vnv nation concert [which was great by the way]. wow.

[and i spoke german with him all yesterday. i'm amazed.]
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