November 21st, 2002


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after happily fixing my computer for weeks i've been so totally satiesfied the last days, so satisfied in fact, that i went out and bought counter-strike to be able to play not only on LAN but on online servers too. three days of joy it was, until yesterday night i got a bluedump...

after three hours of searching for what was wrong we noticed that one of the four metallic things in the power-thing on my harddrive was a little loose...the harddrive works though, but only if i sit with it in my hands and press the power cable in as hard as i can.... in that way i will copy my stuff to clemens computer and then look forward to the wonderful joy of somehow fixing a new harddrive and installing everything AGAIN. fuck i say.

my sister stina is right now, this evening, celebrating her doctor dissertation - the evening she presents her work and gets her title that is. it's very special and my whole family is there except for me. and i suspect that the card i sent to my her might be a love-card...i was searching for ages for a fitting card but i still don't think i chose a good one. sigh. i'm sad that i can't be there.

and i miss my rabbit more than ever, in fact, i miss the whole feeling of just having an animal around to take care of. i need animals around me! i miss riding on the ponies too. sigh. maybe i should buy a rat? no...a rabbit is, except for fish, the smallest animal i can see myself being the owner of... i just stare at rabbits on the net and want them all here in the room. baahhh. soon. soooon i'll hug her again. but will i be able to leave her?

i have no money, i can't even afford buying that nice warm brown sweater thing i saw at H&M, or the warm cap i need. i want my computer back working, but how, when i can't afford buying a new harddrive? [and will soon loose my job.]

i'll at least make myself a good dinner now. i got 46,5/50 on the first german test, so i'm fucking worth it.

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