December 5th, 2002


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it's been some messy last weeks, but now i think i'm a little sorted, at least in my brain. in twelve days i'll be in sweden. it feels strange and big, too see places and meet people again.

i have alot to do before i go though. i've become a total slacker, and can't encourage myself to do stuff anymore with anything, such as the german studies. i don't know why, since it's always fun to be there, and the teacher makes us all laugh. i just don't feel motivated with stuff, or inspired. i can think of really nice things and say to myself: "oh i will write these in this nice notebooks josefin gave me" and then i just don't do it. things are just a bit too everydaylike here, and the days run by like as if they were non existing. it's monday and then it's friday..and monday....and friday.

stuff to do:
> get a library card and borrow a nice book in german [i can at least try to sound as if i was going to read it during the holidays.]
> fix my counter-strike to play on the ducknet server again. this is not going so well together with the next point though:
> write more in german. didn't i say that a month ago?
> take more naughty poser pictures with the digicam and the webcam, it's so much fun!
> think about what the hell i want with my life
> buy christmaspresents here in vienna to give to people
> bake lussebullar. [swedish lucia cookies]
> make a long nice sheet for clemens with stuff in swedish he should learn.
> write what i want for christmas. this is what i want so far:
- a vhs player [too expensive]
- a new harddrive with at least 40 GB
- håkan hellströms new album [haven't bought cds in ages]
- some other good albums
- gutschein/presentkort for H&M. me need clothes.

i will go to some fleemarkets this weekend, to look for ponies. i will start tomorrow. however little i find i will make nice christmascards with the ones i have. here is a little taste of what is to come [but then it will be more snow!]

and i used to think this pony was ugly! now it's one of my favourites...i don't know, it's something with how he stands. [for me it will always be a male pony.]
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