January 3rd, 2005


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clemens went home on sunday. suddenly i feel so empty. waking up by his side each morning was heaven, his smell and warmth in my nose again. several months until next time. he's going to thailand for three weeks in february, we will not even meet for our 3-year-celebration day..

i know i will have lots to do. i have now as well, having to write my homework to be handed in on thursday, the same day i leave for växjö. it's so hard and i'm slowly panicking. there are so many people i want to meet but i'm not sure i will have the time. i have managed one question out of three, the easiest one, and it's really badly written.

something is missing in this world. people just go around feeling hollow. in times of death and scary things i almost turn religious, or at least spiritual. i would love some healing time-off in nature, alone.

have to go to bed now, up early tomorrow to work with the next question.
i sleep bad because i've had a cough for more than a week.

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