January 16th, 2005


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i survived the riding lesson, but as i expected, every one was much better than me, and we did things i've never done before. i'm used to riding ponies, so i felt really small riding a big horse doing all these complicated things. i've had training pain in my legs for 4 days now, still cant walk normally. i will practice alot at home, reading books about how to do these things we have to do, trying to learn. it was nice cuddling with a horse again though, she was called "lucky lady" and was the kindest horse i've ever met. and warm! and they smell so good. purr....

i have to write on my home exam now, have to hand it in tomorrow at 24:00, i just started....but i'll make it somehow! it's hard to concentrate, having period pains, but i'm so happy it's back, haven't had mine since august O__o.

yesterday, instead of studying i played poker (texas hold'em) with the guys in the corridor. so much fun!

also, i made a drawing showing how my corridor looks and who lives where, mostly for my parents, but also for anyone else that is interested, see it here (zoom in). the new people who just moved in (6 people) are not as social as the ones who were here last semester, but at least almost all swedes stayed, which is nice, since they've become my friends now. i'm the only girl in the corridor...it doesn't really matter much, but the guys are less into keeping the kitchen clean. at least i can play poker with them ^______^

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