February 6th, 2005


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i'm alive, and i spend my days watching birds, studying, meeting friends. currently we do a course about development theories and a bottom-up-perspective of an alternative development. it's all very interesting, and the books so great, but i tend to play poker or draw or listen to music instead of reading. still, i feel so inspired. this is what i wanted to learn all along, and filling my brain with these things feels really good.

i think alot about relationships, bird ones and human ones. according to my observations, they can be applied to represent each other quite easily. and i miss clemens like hell. want him here every evening, i want to talk with him about everything. <3

after having spent some great time with some people i have decided to fix more quality time with my friends here, paula will probably come tomorrow, and i'll invite her into the wonderful world of studio ghibli anime. i'll start with mononoke hime, and if possible i'll let her watch laputa later.

i have told myself to try to sit less in front of the computer because my eyes are in a bad state right now. instead i draw. the last three days i've been working on this drawing. i had no goal with it, just started drawing two guys playing poker, and added more and more stuff. i wanted to try to draw weird things i've never done before, which is why it took a long time.

sins of sesany - click for a larger version (will require full size-zooming).

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