February 25th, 2005


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i just payed all my bills and transferred money to clemens for the ticket to sweden (we pay half of the price for each other), he will get them in 2 weeks, but he needs them now. ah well. i hope he's not shopping too much in thailand, getting a fat minus on the account, it would take ages to get on plus again. anyway, i now have 1900kr to live on until the 25th of march. no bus card for me, i will continue to bike to the university in the snow, but it makes me feel strong and proud, so that's all for the best i guess.

clemens is ill in thailand, vomiting and having a fever. i'm worried of course. i hope it's nothing serious. :((( i just keep on thinking of the studies, meeting friends, living my life.... he's in the back of my head constantly, i can feel how much i miss him, but those feelings doesn't help so i'm keeping them deeper inside. 25 days left until he comes here.

mum didn't come because of the snow and the storm. she'll come next week instead. my room will be so much more cosy with a carpet and a TV, and she's bringing me the poster of the seal that we bought in finland when i was 6 years old! i will put it on the wall in the toilet/shower room, will show a photo later. it's adorable.

i wonder when the L word season 2 will be available on DC? i want it badly. also, i'm so sad for having missed "six feet under" when i lived in vienna. now i can't start to watch the series, i would have to download all of the first seasons. and everyone is talking about how good it is.

and i see so much stuff i want on tradera. a super cute moomin-piece of textile, the the moomin-papa figure, various game&watch-games: octupus, donkey kong II and parachute, they will all be much more expensive at the end of auction, and way too expensive for me. the question is: why do i keep looking there?


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