February 28th, 2005


warning, kitschy entry :P

today (or tonight) clemens and i have been together for three years! :D

looking at photos from that time naomi and i visited him in vienna, it seems like such a long time ago, so much has happened since! i mean, i was still in high school back then. he called from vienna today, he's fine and all, but veeery far away, on some beautiful tropical beach in thailand. i want to dance, swim and have fun! i'm bored here, too much spare time! yes, it's true. hannibal and i talked for the first time in ages over msn yesterday, thinking that we should create our own party some time with only good music, since they only play shit at most clubs. i want to dance now!

here is a photo from march 2002, the first time clemens visited sweden ever.

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