March 5th, 2005


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i visited a record fair/market today, i was only looking for any LP with siouxsie and the banshees and found their first album kaleidoscope for only 60 kr, i'm very satisfied.

apart from that i'm bouncing with inspiration right now, but i'm not sure of what i'm inspired to do. i feel like sewing, running, baking, drawing, singing, and it always changes. i think it's because the sun (although it's minus 10°C outside) finally has started to warm a bit, the spring can't be far away now.

whenever i've got work to do i turn into such a computer nerd it's almost scary..... i have joined because hannibal told me so, is anyone a member there? it's an international community, if you want to join, please tell me and i'll send you an invitation..

i'm also very active on, which is one of the best communities i've seen so far. you give all movies you've ever seen grades, and get suggestions for movies according to your taste. you can also discuss movies and stuff. all swedes, if you like movies, please join! i'm called sanakan there.

and yes yes, i have no money, but i've always been buying stuff when i shouldn't, and survivied.
this time will be no exception....i hope ;)

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