March 20th, 2005


things are changing.

clemens arrives on tuesday, and i'm thinking of that too much to be able to work and read what i have to read - but right now i don't care about any uni-stuff in the world, we haven't seen each other for 3 months damnit! ;)

slowly, we are working on getting a picture of what we want to do with our lives. the more i read, the more happy i get that i chose this programme, and the more i learn about the world i feel there is too much focus on political settings and structures. in my opinion, the revolution of the world will not be a political one, but merely, or more importantly, a moral one, which requires much more focus on the individual and its thoughts and decisions. which in turn is why i will become a sociologist instead of a politologist.

too strong ideologies are what destroyed this world, so i'm slightly irritated on people who do everything according to some pre-set bloc opinions, and let that ideology guide them too much. as for me, i have lots of opinions that sometimes fit in the very left-winged bloc and sometimes in the right-winged. i'm irritated with people who are categorizing me as left-winged just because i have a personal opinion on something, the same goes for the right-winged. although i have always given my vote to parties right of the middle in the past, it's not some kind of eternal thing or ideology i'm following, it's just the result of my anger with the left winged parties being incapable of self critisism and new improved reforms. they are stuck, and have been so for a long time.

listen to yourselves, and more importantly: think for yourselves, and build up your own lifestyle, with moral values you think you can live after. pressure all politicians for open information about the world situation as well as logical thought-through reforms built on professional sociological research.
that's my wish.

enough of this blabbering now. :P

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as you might notice, i'm overly excited, flying on clouds and stuff. he's coming here sooon!

i even spent hours yesterday playing the flute, women of ireland, the old irish folk song sung by kate bush, just like that!

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