April 12th, 2005


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i just bought this gorgeous piece of textile/cloth on second hand. it was really expensive and it might not fit on the wall over my bed as i planned, but i just fell in love with it. it's around 2m x 1,20m....

i was in stockholm this weekend for 4 days, met anna, tomas, naomi, hannibal, grandma, etc. on saturday night hannibal, naomi and i went to 80s on kolingsborg and and danced along, felt great. overall a totally great weekend. i helped my dad's friend with his computer and got some money for that, i guess i will survive until the 25th although the last 5 days will be bad as usual.

i also finished the homepage for our amnesty international university group, where i'm slowly starting to get more active, it's not entirely finished but it's enough to inform people about what we do.

apart from sociology A, i'm planning to choose some extra courses next semester.
i'm thinking of one of these:

> praktisk japanska 5p (beginner's course in japanese)
> latin 5p (beginner's course in latin)
> introduktion till genusvetenskap 5p. (introduction to genderstudies)
i think i will take the japanese-course, or maybe that one AND genusvetenskap.....hmmmm.....hmmm.

my connections to austria are very cut off for the moment, clemens being in the UK, teaching some pupils for a few weeks in folkestone or something like that. matthias and marie, who are usually online, have travelled to malta... i guess i will have to finish my job applications for austrian summer jobs without help this time.

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