April 25th, 2005


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i just joined amnesty international and svenska naturskyddsföreningen as a paying member, finally. i've been wanting to for long, so it feels good to finally have done it. snf's homepage provides me with lots of good information about ecological stuff and how to consume in an environmentally friendly way. i like the work that they do. i wish i could join like, 500 other organisations as well, but for now i am happy with my choice of these two.

aaaaand it's 00:47 in the night to monday the 25th, which means my CSN money has been transferred. like a stupid child i sat there, waiting for my money, and now when i've got them, they'll be gone in a jiffy again! i will buy a plane ticket to vienna, as well as some clothes for me, as well as, to use a naomi-word, a gazillion of other things. :D

now i sound like a hopeless rich-country-consumer, but my clothes are actually falling apart, and i long to go to second hand shops and buy stuff as well. and i have started to buy everything i can ecologically and fair trade, to see how long i last economically with that choice. consuming rightly is one very easy way to change the life of many. so true!
i guess what i study has slowly started to have an impact on me, which is good! ^_____^

i've just bought and paid this cute old alarm clock on tradera, i own no clocks except for my phone and computer, so it was needed:


i hope i can meet my brother now in may, i might go and visit him and emma soon! *longs*
and it's my birthday soon! (7th) and overall, may is the best month of the year, so i wish it'll be may soon!

now i'll sleep, tomorrow is a new day of sitting-inside-when-the-sun-is-shining-writing-on-my-home-exam. >__<

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