April 26th, 2005


the stars that shine & the stars that shrink *sings*

home exam over!, feels so great. i also got that home exam from a few weeks ago back, and i got a vg as a grade, which i was very happy about since i didn't get any vg:s this semester. the weather today was beautiful, 17 degrees and sun, everyone is just so relieved and happy, but another course starts now so we'll have lots to do again soon.

after uni-class paula and i went to the local garden/plant shop and it was so nice there. breathing there i think we got enough oxygen for the next days, it smelled so good! i bought five new friends! (two bigger plants and three small ones.)

i made a page with them, so you can see the plants here!!!

i had a good face-skin-day today so i took a poster photo of me ^____^

such a great day overall. i might even do something creative now, paint or so!

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    siouxsie and the banshees - DAZZLE