May 1st, 2005


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i kind of have a computer-free week, hehum. no but really, i read alot of uni stuff now and try to paint every evening instead, to relax. it's to see if my eyes get any better. i mean, i sit here like 7-8 hours a day's not good, for sure. turned the computer on now to download stuff from a friend, to upload all the photos i took by the spring-fire yesterday and to post this little thing i painted.
i have no artistic ambitions, it's just for fun and to relax, just so you know ^_____^

Aruk's Whirl (click to see the big version)

and yes, i do like castles, i do like those munkfish with lamps, and i do like to combine the two ^^
(if you remember the last all-black thing i did in ink)

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