May 10th, 2005


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my birthday (7th) was allright, i think it was my first away from family and boyfriend. i met friends and stuff. my first ebay-item, an LP with the creatures, got delivered as well. and on monday i got a bunch of cute stuff sent from anna, including green tea with lime and i'm now also official owner of a silly mobile strap for my phone ^___^ also got kitschy cute butterflies to hang in the window from a friend. i will celebrate my birthday with my family on the 22nd or so, when i go to stockholm, but i didn't wish for anything big, just rocky-albums (the comic) and cute tins or something to keep my teas in.

when it comes to studying, i've lost alot of motivation but only because it's may and i want it to be summer and i want to be freeeee. it's still interesting, everything...luckily. the weather is so nice and i'm obsessed with photographing clouds and the sky. and i open the window every 15th minute to sniff the great spring smells or grass, moist, rain and flowers....ach!

i miss clemens, i want to snuggle and cuddle and roll around and watch films and go out and all that. <3

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currently looping in winamp:
> etienne de crecy - someone like you
> chemical brothers - believe (love the song and the video)
> fisherspooner - just like you
> pet shop boys - opportunities
> miss kittin and the hacker - you and us.

do you see a pattern?

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