June 16th, 2005


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i just got a JOB, i'm so happy! it was the first job i called since i arrived down here, and he said i can start earlier, that means, tomorrow i start to make money! i'm going to work with packing medication-packages for a few weeks. but that will give me a thrilling 64 euro per day, which is ALOT since i'm totally broke. ohhh i'm so happy over this!! it might also mean that i will get a few free weeks later in july, WITH money.

it's nice here in vienna, but clemens has alot to do and the last days he's been on the university 8 hours a day or more. it has been warm, around 25-27 degrees, but not really sunny so i can't lie in the sun and read like i'd planned to.

the flat is cosier than ever. later, when his parents move out permanently to their summer house (they have sold their other house), we'll get the mattresses from their double bed, that will be heaven!

in the end of july i go back to Växjö to move into a 2-room flat with my uni-friend Paula. then i'll go to north sweden (bollnäs area) to our summer house and practice for my drivers licence with my dear dad. it'll be fun!

suddenly, everything feels so much more bright and great. i have been so worried over the money-bit, having none at all, making a bigger and bigger minus on my austria bank account didn't feel very good. but now i'll make more than 900 euro in 3 weeks. ^_____^

i feel kind of like clemens little toy that i gave him before. he sits here staring at me moving his head sideways, slowly and happily:

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