June 19th, 2005


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today i looked for a bike online and it ended with me buying a perfect working 90s bike for only 35 euros! i will use the bike to bike to schwedenplatz in the morning at 05:00 to get the U-bahn to work...so that i don't have to spend minutes i could have used for sleeping on a very slow straßenbahn...

anyway, when i came back from buying the bike, clemens and i made a bike-trip along the donau-canal to the place where it runs out into the real Donau. It was so beautiful on the way, and where the bikeway ended. i took some photos, see below.

vienna is so beautiful! i feel so great here, it's peaceful and just...really really great.
the town holds so many secrets, small places which you have to look around to find, but when you find them you love the town even more. like this place:

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