September 12th, 2005



(1.) how can the banana flies in the kitchen be born out of nothing, where are the eggs, how long does it take for them to grow?? (every day 20 new ones in the -clean- sink). (we store fruit in plastic, clean up after we eat, go out with the trash often, etc)

(2.) is it -egoistic- or -thoughtless- to want children, if and if not, why so?

(3.) are we just slaves for our biological senses and needs? how much of us is made up by these biological needs, and how much can we control with what we call our true selves? (i.e. how much is it my own will/decision to want to have children?)

(4.) is it wrong/evil to have small fish (like guppys and alike) in a fish tank? morally or biologically?
if or if not so, why?

(5.) does anything we do make any sense in the long run? is that a reason to give up completely, and which reasons are there to fight? (with fight i don't mean to "continue to live" but to continue following and improving the obviously by-humans-thought-out order of society)

(6.) is it stupid to adjust so much to societies pressure/structure as to be wanting a secure job/career, or is that to give in to the supreme system and lose individuality? (i do not mean that i don't need anything to do, i do need that.)

(7.) how much of the finding-a-long-term-partner-pressure does society put on us, and how much is it our own will for joy, personal development and/or happiness in life?

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EIDT: i have answered all the stuff in the last entry now.

tonight i slept with my new friend Råttan:

somehow he marks a new start for me since i, until now, has clammed to the sheep clemens gave me for support in the dark night times. still love she sheep, but it's keeping me thinking about bad things.

so the follow-up-question would be:
is it wierd to actually feel calmer/more comforted sleeping with stuffed animals?
who gives a damn, as long as it helps, i don't....

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