September 14th, 2005


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24 answers in my past philosophical-discussion-entry! (and more to come!)
just wanted to point out that i have answered all the answers to my answers now ;)


i'm so excited over having gotten so many (long!) answers! but i promise i will not make these questions a habit of mine in coming entries, it would get kind of tiring. another fun thing is that we are all swedish people, but writing looong answers in english. i didn't really realise it until afterwards, the english comes so natural for me, it has become my livejournal language.... ^_____^


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1. How tall are you? 162 cm (naomi, are you sure you're taller than me? ;__;)
2. Do you own a gun? of course not.
3. Rehab? Counseling? No. But i think it would be good for most people to go talk to someone, sort the life out a bit. Maybe i will some time.
4. Have you ever killed an animal? Yes. Sick birds, fish that i fished myself, and fish from our fish tank who were sick or injured. And hundreds of blood-sucking animals and wasps. But no bees and bumblebees! I'm evil and selective in my joys of killing ;)

5. Are you Irish? No. But my family on my mums side are probably (i think it has been documented) far far far away in time coming from the netherlands, because we have an untypical swedish look, and i think many migrated at that time.
6. What do you think of hot dogs? i used to like them, but now when i don't eat meat i don't miss them at all. and i have understood that they, even for meateaters, are quite unhealthy.
7. What's your favorite Christmas song? ahh, i can't decide. i like both new pop songs from "absolute christmas" and the old swedish psalms we sang in school and stuff.
8. What's your favorite smell? lime/linden trea flowers, coffee and the north swedish forests.

9. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Green tea or a big glass of water.
(deleted some unecessary questions here)
13. Have you ever been hospitalized? Never overnight, but i had to stay there for hours when my arm was broken, but not broken enough to be taken care of fast.
14. Do you like painkillers? "Like" sounds like i enjoy taking them. No, but i do take them for pain that is related to fever or hormones (menstrual pain or sickness). Not for headaches caused by tiredness or too little drinking.
15. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex? I'm just being me, that has worked so far :)

16. Do you own a knife? Yes, several kitchen knives.
19. Name Five Drinks You Regularly Drink: green tea, herbal tea, cold water, orange juice, swedish rosehip soup.
20. What's In Your CD Player? i rarely listen to cds any more... but right now the thermostatic - joy toy album.
21. What's Under Your Bed? two plastic storing boxes on wheels, containing secret stuff as well as boring stuff.

22. Current Hair? short mohawk:y, but too long to look good now. dyed black but grown out >__<
23. What are you wearing? boooooríng things from H&M in a combo of black and blue.
24. Current Worry? i'm not worrying as much as people might think, i'll survive whatever happens, but i do wish i was later in my life for the moment, it's frustrating to have around 3 years to go at the uni.
25. Current Love? trying my best to fall out of love, fast fast. but i must say i love my closest friends A LOT right now.

26. Current Hate? swedish politics. but that hate has been going on for years.
27. Favorite Place To Be? In the forest (preferably alone or with my dad.) in hälsingland. Or floating on my back in a lake, looking up at the summer sky, hearing only a diffuse underwater-sound in my ears.
28. Least Favorite Place To Be? anywhere cold, when i don't have enough clothes on.
29. If You Could Play an Instrument? i can play piano and the flute, though i've forgotten most of my piano skills. i used to love playing irish folk songs on my flute, i should start with that again.

30. Favorite Colors? moss green, in different brightness and combinations, and light blue, for that matter.
31. Person(s) from your past you wish you could be with right now? do rabbits count? i want to talk to svartnos again ;___; apart from that, i would like to have met my dad's mother, i think i would have liked her.
32. Where Would You Like To Go? right now: home. (i'm at the uni) overall: to south korea, japan, india and chile.
33. Where do you want to live? in a house outside a city but relatively close to it, with my own nice garden, many rabbits and a partner. the house should have lots of working spaces for different creative interests.

34. Favorite food? different sorts of vegetable pies, hommus on good bread, chanterelle (kantarell mushrooms) pasta sauce.
35. Color of most clothes you own? black, boringly enough.
36. Number of pillows you sleep with? four! two big ones and two small ones. and one extra blanket to roll together and hold.
37. What do you wear when you go to sleep? nothing, actually. ;) i hate pyjamases, but i wear a night gown when i sleep at other people's places.

38. What were you doing 12AM last night? talking to people online.
39. What do you think you'll be doing in 10 years? hopefully, i'll work with something and live in that house i talked about.
40. Are you paranoid? yes! but not about diseases, more about sudden explosions and big birds coming down from the sky.
42. Last person you yelled at? my parents i guess, but nothing serious.

43. Latest crush? well, doh. :(
44. Last thing you ate? a delicato chocolate ball :P
45. If you could be a pirate, would you? no, i like boats but they are such a closed little space. i would rather travel by foot in a forest.
46. Do you have an iPod? no, my 128mb USB-mp3-player is enough.

47. When and why did you last vomit? years ago.
53. Do you have any piercings? no!
58. Who do you tell your dreams to? my friends (and pets if i have any)
60. What do you think of the person who posted this before you? i think she's a great friend.