September 20th, 2005


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  1. blame!:
    a really cool manga-series, that i bought mainly for the perfectly drawn architecture and industrial-cyber-look of it all. i still haven't really got how the story ends, i guess i will have to read it for the 3rd time.
  2. clouds:
    clouds are amazing, i love dark rain cloads with sun shining on top of them the most. i try to photosgraph special clouds that i see. but i think, most people find clouds great, so i'm not alone on this one.
  3. dc++:
    well, it must be an interest since i spend alot of time using that program to download movies, songs, etcetera. it has become a bigger habit since i got my free studentinternet of 10mbit, yäy!
  4. graveyards:
    i love graveyards, especially swedish ones. i can wander around or just sit in one of those arranged "calm corners" with water or low trees. my favourite in sweden is solna kyrkogård, of course. but the most beautiful one ever was the one in zagreb, that i posted photos of before.
  5. manga:
    not a biggest interest of mine, but i do enjoy reading silly hentai stories or very graphic mangas that have beautifully drawn scenery and characters. the stories are not really important (they are mostly quite silly).
  6. neil gaiman:
    i love the books "neverwhere" and "american gods", and some childrens' books of his. i have yet to discover the rest of his work, though.
  7. rabbits:
    rabbits are, to me, the best pet you can have. they are cute, must be handled with care, love, and lots of patience. they can develop great personalities if you spend a lot of time with them, and become great friends who feel when you are sad, and cheer you up if they can. i so LONG 'til the day i can have a rabbit friend again. as soon as i've settled down, i will adopt one. i can't now, since i want to give the rabbit an opportunity to live outdoors sometimes, and not move from place to place.
  8. sega:
    i grew up with sonic 1, sonic 2, castle of illusion, shadow of the beast 1 (i hated that game SO much, it was impossible to get through), and later i bought sonic 3, and some other games. i love the sonic games. i'm currently looking for "sonic and knuckles" to buy, and connect to my sonic 3, to get more great stages to play through. entertainment at its best!
  9. toys:
    preferably: robots, my little ponies, toy horses, mumin-figures, anime merchandize and vintage toys. plastic+metal, all shapes and sizes. kitsch and cuteness preferred. i spend more money on children's books though, it's not as space-consuming and somehow a little more clever to buy at the age of 22...
  10. whales:
    great, kind, smart and huge mammals, who has the whole sea as their playground, who live long lives, and have seen the mysteries of the ocean.

    i love them, but they're almost extinct! save the whales!! ;_____;

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