September 26th, 2005


the loser standing small

bought plants today, couldn't resist, i love my plants and i always want moooore. how many plants do YOU have and in general, which are your favs, flowering plants or all-green ones like me?

the two right ones are new, the other two just wanted to be in the photo :)

my new darlings


and the obligatory face mask picture, i did one today. so great for my skin.


i realised that i still have a few bands i can listen to, that don't remind me of things, among these are vnv nation, siouxsie and the banshees, all 1960s songs and placebo. it's fun to sing loud with paula in the flat to ABBA, so they are ok too.

moments lost though time remains
i am still proud of what we were
no pain remains no feelings
eternity awaits

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    vnv nation - beloved