October 3rd, 2005


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i looked around on the internet and found an ad from a girl who wants someone to take care of her rabbit from the 30th of november to the end of june. it's a great oppurtunity for me, and it seems like a very nice rabbit (he's really small). i will think about it, and i guess i should ask paula. as far as i know, i will be in stockholm over christmas, and maybe the last weeks of june, but i can always go down with the train and hand him back to her over a weekend in summer (she lives in gothenburg) and visit my brother at the same time, and those 10 days of christmas break i could have him in my grandma's flat since my mum is allergic to the smell (ammoniak.)

he's an indoor rabbit, so in that case i would have him in a cage in my room, and let him be outside on the carpets every day when i'm home. of course it costs a little to buy food and stuff but it would only be 7 months, and i know i will be here studying these months, ohhhh! *dreaming away*

what do you think? too much work?

this weekend i was out in the forest, picking blueberries, with which i later made a blueberry cake :) here are some photos, click to enlarge.


i had my exam today, it was nine questions and i wrote 8-9 pages of text in total. i have never finished an exam that fast, i was finished in 50 minutes, ahead of everyone else. (we have 5 hours to write...), that worries me a bit, but i usually trust my good feelings. i am sure i have passed with at least a G, and that is what matters. madde was writing question number 5 when i left, swearing to me: "fuck youuuu", hehehee. but she made it as well, i think.

tomorrow my new course starts. sociological statistics and computer databases, heh...

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