November 9th, 2005


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love, friendship, jealousy, dreams, misunderstandings, hopes, plans, worries and phantasies have never been so intensely intertwined as the last couple of days and tonight. and i am sexually frustrated but i have no damn plans about doing something against that frustration, it just isn't the right time yet as i am still totally turned off by most things. but talking about anything for hours, discussing, helps alot. i've been watching old webcam pictures (why torture myself?) and how sexy i was back then compared to now. love has positive side effects that you never think of until you lack them O__o

does anyone have a good tip how to get back that sexy steam of confidence? i'm growing my hair out a bit, i hope it'll help. (some children thought i was a boy when i was working before, and no, it didn't make me feel sexier)

find the donkey....

(that's my birth house in the background, my parents have bought a new flat and before the end of tomorrow they'll know how much they can sell our old flat for. i'm going to miss that house. ;___; )

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