November 27th, 2005


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i survived until the 25th, mainly because my parents gave me some money, but the last days i had to use my saviour akedemibokhandeln to get my last money out from the account. i bought a pen for 10kr with my card and asked to get it on 82, giving me my last 72kr out in cash :) anyway, i worked on friday and bought alot today: bedding for keno, and real hay that isn't dry or bad, moss-green underwear for me (been dreaming about it for so long and found it on a sale in my size), a vacuum cleaner, christmas gifts, a double-LP with the supremes greatest hits (original motown), and stuff like that. i love the second hand shops here in växjö.

we found a beautiful gay-christmas-gingerbread-decoration-cloth ^____^

lots of snow today. i love it, its melting away too fast here in the south of sweden :(

my days are so much less depressing since i got keno. he's starting to get to know me and like me, he jumps after me when i make silly jumps in my room, he beeps me with his nose and makes greeting sounds when jumping around (and over) my body when i'm lying on the floor. he knows my voice and warning sounds. he's just so cute it's amazing. he wakes me up at 8:30 every day by slamming the food-bowl, which creates the need of going to bed fairly early...well...about now..... -___-

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