December 6th, 2005


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let's do some simple math:

talking a long walk with Madde in the grey winter into the outskirts of växjö to buy a bike cheap for her boyfriend +
seeing them getting very happy over the great cheap bike +
getting invited for tasty dinner at madde's +
drinking lots of tea eating lots of cake +
playing poker with them until midnight +
reading a great book until 2 a.m. +
sleeping until 11 (three days in a row) +
cuddling with keno (wonderful) +
inviting madde+rafa+anne over for dinner +
talking talking talking for ages +
watching a silly romantical movie getting all giggly with madde +
drinking lots of tea eating kilos of gingerbread (again) +
jumping high with erik (a pony) in 500km/h at the riding school feeling like jelly +
singing loud all the time (even when i'm biking in the rain) +
taking long hot shower and bath +
eating pasta, zuccini and pesto until i'm puke-full +
cuddling up under my fleece-blanket with 5 pillows in the sofa watching ER all alone +
drinking more tea (surprise..) eating gingerbread +
chatting for hours listening to yma sumac and kate bush +
lying in bed at 2 a.m. singing old old childhood christmas psalms to get rid of the caffeine +
watching keno..........

......makes ebba a happy panda ^___^

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late night paint doodle

i don't consider this great art or something, but painting small pics like this in the night is like therapy to me, so relaxing, i love it! sorry for multiple entries, wanted to post this one seperately) - and yes, that's keno in my lap :)