December 12th, 2005


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focus, ebba, focus. first finishing uni, then taking hold of your life trying to fulfull dreams, etc.

it's just two semesters more + 3 months of practical work (volontary).
that's nothing. but i want to have it all now!

and it's strange how people can be so close in mind but yet so far away.

i'm sitting writing a letter to a friend, and just realised: my bed is the bestest place ever to do all sorts of things, such as reading, talking, sleeping, watching tv, cuddling with keno, sewing, drawing, playing the flute, etc. it's a simple wooden bed that costed 5 euro to buy, with a simple ikea-mattress on it, people don't get the good thing about hard beds! the question is now: who wants to sleep in it with me? ;___;

no no NO, focus!


i just realised i have forgot my riding lesson today - fan i helvetes jävla SKIT!!!!! jag är så jävla ofokuserad så det finns inte!! hur lyckas jag? jag blir galen, vill bara skrika, skrika!

this proves yet again that i always need to turn my mobile phone reminder on.

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