December 19th, 2005


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today i have been taking part in different online-competitions, with various prizes to win. i always feel like i will win. sometimes i actually have. anyway, i've been thinking out the best christmas-gift rhymes ever (and we don't even have a big rhyme-tradition in my family!), to win a digital camera. however, when i had written 21 of them, i noticed that some guy had posted 72 rhymes, so i gave up. my rhymes were way too good to fit on that stupid page anyway! :P all other rhymes were either short, grammatically incorrect or totally without rhythm.

here are mine, sorry, only in swedish.

Snart du dina naglar tugga
Vild i blicken händer gnugga
Gator blir till dina inköp
Runt och runt, ett ständigt löp
En elak kamp mot väna fränder
Ingen vet alls vad som händer

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i'm the master of christmas rhymes - battle with me or i shall prevail !
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