February 1st, 2007


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what's up right now:

my essay/uni work is put on hold for a while. next week i start working full time re-building and price-tagging a store (överskottsbolaget), but it's only for two weeks so it doesn't matter if it's hard or boring. i need the money since i only get half of the CSN-money this semester.

i seem to be strangely obsessed with magdalena ribbings Q&A-column about etiquette in the swedish newspaper DN. i don't know why but i really like reading the questions and answers about how to behave in public and in special events. maybe i'm really an aristocat...crat...
here it is.

i grew so frustrated with not having nature and wildlife closer to me, so i got a big branch from a tree and tied it up on the balcony, hanging bird food in it. now i see cute blue tits and great tits every day ^^ it's not really allowed but i'll keep it clean.

my distance-course "människa och miljö" (humans and the environment) on karlstad university has started now. if i do all the assignments i should be fine, i hope i'll manage. it's interesting, i'm just so.....tired.

with erik, everything is still so great it really couldn't be any better. i wake up happy every day. i didn't know it could be like this... we also cook great food and eat with candles and well well, you get the point. he's for real, he's mine and i'm in love ^^ for the moment there is no time for travelling or fun stuff that cost money, but i'm such a home-person anyway, i love to cuddle up with tea and watch tv and stuff like that, and it's for free (well, kind of). he works full time now so the weekends are really precious nowadays.

and now to something completely different...

i'm not allowed to buy any new tea until we've drunk up some of what we have. three cups a day.. below is a list of our teas right now (all loose tea of course). unfortunately i don't know from which black and green teas those blends are made and i can't make out exactly what they've been spiced with from how they taste, but there is a big diversity of course.
green tea
sencha, pure green tea
green tea with real lime
green dream
gröna lyckan
japanese cherry
sylves lilla gröna (kränku blend)
s:t hans kvartersblandning (kränku)

black tea
black tea with jasmine flowers
mors lilla olle (black tea with real blueberries)
sancta maria tea (kränku blend)
guteblandning (kränku blend)
farmor huldas blandning (kränku blend)
idas blandning (kränku blend)
svinhusblandning (kränku blend)
kalkstensdrömmar (kränku blend)
ringmursblandning (kränku blend)
christmas spiced tea
christmas tea with saffron
regular black tea with saffron
chai tea - two different kinds
white tea
pure white tea
pure white tea (finer, chinese kind)

formosa fine oolong

den raude (kränku blend)

herbal tea
eibisch tea from austria
inka tea, lapacho orange spice
(german) chamomile tea
s:t johnswort tea

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