March 16th, 2007


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now they shot one of the wolves that escaped from kolmården outdoor zoo... it makes me so upset! of course, the zoo people wanted to catch it again but couldn't get near enough to put it to sleep, so they had to kill it. i don't get why though, the swedish wild wolf population is too small and suffers from inbreeding. these wolves, if they survived, would have been good material to strengthen the swedish wolf population. but of course, many people in sweden (the wolf-haters) don't want to see that... grrrr! people won't stop until sweden is a human fort, with no animals but the domesticated ones.


i miss our little cottage and the surroundings in hälsingland... i NEED to go there in summer, but i don't see how i could. if i get a summer job i will only get the weekends off, and it takes hours to first go to stockholm, then 250km more, up there. ah well :(

it's been nice to have so many birds on the balcony because of the bird food. i see them every day. but now i'll only let them finish these birdfood-balls and then i'll start making the balcony ready for spring. we want lots of flowers and herbs there! a problem is that it's a very windy balcony with no roof or protection. we'll have to do something about that...
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i made two new tea can labels yesterday (the green ones) ^___^
i'm happy with the lizard/iguana one, cause if we change the blend of tea in that one we just have to change the text in the bubble. i'm taking this opportunity to show the other ones i did one more time ;)

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