May 5th, 2007


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it's the best time of spring! and as usual around this time i get more concerned with my looks and want to buy more clothes and beauty products. i rarely find something i like but i've bought a few things lately. many tops and dresses i find follow the new trend and have an A-lined shape which is not good for short people like me since they make me look pregnant or very short :P but i still love dresses and i want to wear dresses alot this summer. i'm also currently looking for an everyday-wear-skirt that shouldn't be too plain or too luxurious. i only have my black and green skirt of the same model from H&M that i wear almost all the time when i wear a skirt. some new stuff:

same old skirt, but with a cute baby purple blouse from indiska that i really like. this photo didn't show it off that great though. :( casual look, with new blouse from H&M and trousers that i made into short ones. dress from kappahl. i don't have any leggings (make my legs look shorter) so i had to pose with some regular tights and shoes, which doesn't look very summer-like. ah well. shoes from kappahl. bad picture, they're much cuter in reality.

i want to do something with my hair but i don't know what to do with it... i want to keep it short and red, but there are many ways to style short hair. yesterday i cut it a little bit myself, which didn't turn out very well but it was necessary while i'm thinking of how i want it. as a birthday gift in advance (my birthday is the 7th of may) i got a philips hair dryer that i really wanted from erik. it makes life so much easier, the old one i had was from 1998 and it took ages to dry even my short hair with it.

i haven't been working at plantagen this week so i could study and get some things done. for the distance-course i'm currently taking (at karlstad university) there are now only a few assignments and challenges left: one review of a book i haven't read, a test/exam of everything we've done this semester, and another group work. but i think i'll manage those three things. after that i can finally start working in my C-essay/final work again, which i hope i'll have finished by the end of this summer.

speaking of summer, erik and i will go to gotland between the 5th and the 10th of june, and hopefully go to stockholm and hälsingland week 30 (end of july). but i/we might go to stockholm at some weekend in summer as well, who knows. i sort of miss stockholm a bit, but i will probably feel like an alien if/when i move there again later. and we'll probably be forced to live in a far-off suburb which will anyway away that feeling of living in stockholm, anyway :P

good stuff about växjö: everything is in biking distance, you feel safe here at all times and are able to walk/bike home from any place, the cosy feel and closeness to nature. we visited a nice nature reserve close to växjö this weekend, PHOTOS HERE.

before we leave växjö (~ early 2008) i want to have a big party here and i will FORCE my friends not living in växjö to come and visit us here. but it would be even more fun if someone came for a visit this summer! a lake and cute coffee places are nearby, come come, everyone's invited! (also you people from austria who i haven't met in ages!)

we eat on the balcony almost every day now. bulgur sallad with salmon, oven-bakes potatoes and vegetables with garlic beans and lemon sallad and stuff like that. i love summer food, mmmm. things are great. the only thing i'm a little worried about is that i have to start with new contraceptive pills in two days because they don't produce mine anymore. so typical! i so hope the new ones will affect me as little as the old ones did >__<

anyway.... SPRING!

<------i wish i had this many friends to party and barbaque with here in växjö now, sniff!
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