June 5th, 2007


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it feels like i've seen the whole sweden this past weekend. but in reality, i just travelled by train to Karlstad, which is 400 km away, but the trains made a huge bow, so maybe i went 550 km. i went there for the final meeting of the web-uni-course i've been doing this semester.

saturday: left Växjö at 12:12, ten minutes later changing trains in Alvesta...after two hours getting off in Mjölby, changed trains, another hour to Hallsberg, where i had to wait for 1:20 hours for the next train, that took me to Karlstad, where i arrived at 17:20...
sunday: jumped on that train in Karlstad at 17:20, one hour later i changed trains in Katrineholm, then 30 mins to Norrköping, where i changed trains again and went to Alvesta, then 10 minutes with anohter train to Växjö...

conclusion - to go with train from Växjö to Karlstad is not really recommended. i was so tired yesterday, some kind of train-jetlag. but i love going with train - my environmental interests are allowed to fully blossom as i pass wetlands, fields, deep forests... it's so beautiful and whenever i manage to disconnect the feeling of sitting inside a train (possible with music), it feels like flying through the world.

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TOP TEN - train songs.

01.) kate bush - running up that hill
02.) vapnet - färjemansleden
03.) björk - joga
04.) muse - starlight
05.) echo and the bunnymen - nocturnal me
06.) desireless - voyage voyage
07.) indochine - le chevauchée des champs de blé (their best song - get it here ^^)
08.) death cab for cutie - transatlanticism
09.) coldplay - talk
10.) håkan hellström - gårdakvarnar och skit

and tomorrow we'll be floating away to gotland for five days. ^___^
i'll have to think of some good boat songs.....
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as i stand on the balcony cutting away old flowers i look out over the neighborhood and everything is deep green, i feel the smell of rain and sun, and our first strawberry is almost ready to eat... and i realise.... it's actually summer already!

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