June 19th, 2007


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we spent five days on gotland between the 5th and the 10th of june and it was great. 25 degrees and sunny every day. we celebrated the graduation of erik's sister emmie and erik had his birthday on the very same day. and i also have some photos of it all in my pixbox album:

i wanted to link these much earlier but i worked on plantagen the whole last week. then anna and her friend arrived on friday, because anna's friend were taking part in some endurance horse riding competitions here in växjö. they were both away at day-time on saturday but in the evening we ordered thai food, had some wine and relaxed. finally, anna got to see where i live, at least for a short while. ^^

and i bought an orchid at plantagen. it's my first! i hope it will survive. i heard so many suggestions for how to take care of these that i don't really know what to believe any more. but it's planted in orchid soil with a see-through pot... if anyone has even more good suggestions, i'll listen :)

and erik and i found a beautiful vintage tea can from the 1910s-20s some time.
it has a very informative old-fashioned swedish text on it:

"bästa sättet att tillaga te: skölj kannan med litet hett vatten, för att uppvärma densamma. lägg på teet och slå på kokande vatten. låt teet stå och draga i 5 á 7 minuter, hvarefter, om det ej genast skall drickas, det bör afhällas på en annan uppvärmd kanna. vatten som kokat upp mer än en gång eller som länge kokat bör aldrig användas emedan sådant förstör det finaste te." ^_____^

and my dear dear brother just found out that he's been accepted into this programme of graphics design at forsbergs skola in stockholm. i'm so happy for him!
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