August 16th, 2007


it's getting serious.

deadline for my final paper (exam work) is on the 28th of august. that's 11 more days.

i'm finished with the introduction, theoretical discussion and the discussion of methods used.

currently, i'm writing on the result-part (describtion of the case, all the intervew material and stuff).
after that, i have to write an analysis. i estimate that i have around 25 pages left to write.
but i can't just write them, have to check references and look into documents and papers constantly.

finishing this paper in time will be the biggest challenge i've had study-wise so far!!
i'm not sure i can make it, but i will try try try.

i just need to think about:

stuff i'm allowed to do when my work is finished

> buy a (preferably chipped) playstation 2 and singstar.
> see the last eight O.C. episodes of the series, which have been on my computer since may.
> see the last ten ER episodes of the series, which have been on my computer since may.
> write letters to the garden educations i'm applying for.
> sew that pile of clothes waiting to be fixed with my new sewing machine
> start to do exersise and train those non-existing muscles.
> go swimming once a week again.
> read books. ordinary novels and garden books.
> clean this disgusting flat more throughly.
> make fun excursions and cosy things with erik!
> go out in the woods trying to find MUSHROOMS before the season is over!

so, back to work.......
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