August 29th, 2007


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i saw two of my favourite birds yesterday when i was at the university to print out my final work. i didn't have a chance to take a photo of them but it was a green woodpecker (gröngöling) and a eurasian nuthatch (nötväcka). and seeing them made me feel happy ^___^ they look like this:


and yes, i did do it, i finished that damn essay in time! now i can only wait for next tuesday and the seminar. then i will know if i have to change or add anything to it before i pass. all in all, the whole document is 60 pages. i'm quite proud. to release some of the stress built up during the last days, i walked to the university to print it out. that is around 4,5 km and it took almost 45 minutes.
but the way to uni is beautiful:

when i have a final grade on my final work, i'll add a link to it here just to show off ^___~

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