September 10th, 2007


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i've been wanting to go with erik to search for mushrooms for several weeks now, but i haven't been able to because of the writing of my work. but yesterday, we went out and almost gave up, when suddenly, we found some chantarelles! we ate them immediately when we came home, made into a yummy pasta sauce. we've been eating so much good stuff lately, such as a sweet pear pie and a beetroot pie with cabbage sallad.

the weekend before that, we went on a trip to gotland! we bought three tins of kusmi-tea, i saw a wild snake (been wanting to for ages!) and we had a cosy time in general. i uploaded some photos from that trip in my gallery. here's one of them (click to go to the gallery.)

and i just finished these two pillow cases made from a mumin cotton fabric i found on tradera.
i love finally having a sewing machine!

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